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15.02.2007, 17:10

Zig undokumentierte Änderungen mit Patch 2.0.7

With the new patch 2.0.7, several changes undocumented in the patch notes have been noticed, which we have listed below (feel free to report anything new undocumented in patch notes), most of those changes are related to bosses/instances.


- Reduced spawn rate on Elemental Plateau in Nagrand.


- Lots of crafted items got their stats changed (Leatherworking, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, etc...). Cant list them all, since there are too many.

Raids and Dungeons


- Maiden of Virtue got buffed: Her repentance ability hit people for 2k (its not dispellable), duration was also increased on it.
- Terestian Illhoof got buffed: His shadowbolts and imp pet hit harder, its also much harder to unshackle people now (His sacrifice routine heals him for a great deal now as well).
- Aran : They changed blizzard so that it encompasses about 50-60% of the room's perimeter and it moves much faster then it did before. Also his Blizzard/Flame Wreathe/Arcane Explosion trio of abilities seem to be on a shorter global cooldown, cause they seem to overlap quite often now.
- Currently, The Chess Event is broken (Tigole, A Blizzard Poster said, it should be fixed soon).

Sethekk Halls

- Talon King Ikiss AoE spell cant be interrupted anymore.

Shadow Labyrinth

- You can no longer dispel the fear from Fel Overseer.


Na dann bin ich heute mal auf Illhoof und Aran gespannt -.-
Gestern gabs nämlich auch nen Wipe bei Maiden of Virtue weil sie irgendwie nich so war wie sonst...heute ergibt das ganze auch einen Sinn. Und das mit Talon King Ikiss ist uns nachts auch noch aufgefallen...ganz großes Kino Blizzard :/

Chess Event soll allerdings schon wieder mit nem Hotfix repariert worden sein...ich lass es trotzdem mal drin bis wir uns selbst davon überzeugen konnten.

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15.02.2007, 18:29

Gz Blizzard, Sie schaffen es doch immer wieder ~~.
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