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10.04.2007, 13:31

Genaue Infos zum nächsten riesigen Patch!

Drysc released some mins ago on forums, a preview of what we can expect (together with Black Temple) as end game content in the next patch:

The next content patch and the opening of the now defiled Black Temple, home of Illidan and his minions has long been known. However, the patch is also introducing a great deal of new solo and 5-person content as well, with new rewards, factions, outdoor bosses, and items. As we’re approaching the release of the patch we wanted to share a glimpse into some of the upcoming content that hadn’t yet been confirmed for this next patch, or hadn’t even been heard of until now.

Druid Epic Flight Form

The Druid Epic flight form will be available through a series of quests, similar to the Warlock and Paladin Epic mount quests before it. This quest series will also open up a new boss in Sethekk Halls, and ultimately to the epic flight form.

Ethereum Prison

Players in good standing with the Consortium will be tasked to deal with the most recent activities of the nefarious Ethereum. With new quests, items, and content for the solo and small-group level 70 player, the Ethereum Prison will be the proving grounds for many aspiring to greatness.


The Skyguard, Sha’tari warriors specializing in their command of the skies above Shattrath, have taken the offensive directly to the Arakkoa capital city, Skettis. Perched high in the mountains of Terrokar, and only accessible with use of a flying mount, Skettis holds new and exciting content for the solo or small-group level 70 player. All new quests, 5-person bosses, rare and epic items, and a new type of flying mount await those willing to lend their sword or stave to the battle.

Nether Drake

The Netherwing faction and quest line continues and the long awaited Nether Drake becomes available. The Nether Drake is a special 280% speed epic flying mount that is obtainable through solo and small-group play. The quest to obtain one will be difficult, but the reward will surely show your dedication to the Netherwing cause as you soar through the skies of Outland on your very own ethereal drake.

The swift nether drake is a questable epic mount that will be 280%, while it should be somewhat difficult to obtain it's a mount that almost anyone is going to be able to get on a long enough time line. The armored nether drake (310%) however is the arena reward that will only be given to the top 0.5% of arena teams at the end of the arena season, so it's obviously going to be very rare. There will however be a PvE mount that will match the armored nether drake in rarity and speed, and has yet to be discovered.


The Ogre plateau of enlightenment opens to those who prove their worth in Blade’s Edge Mountains. Level 70 players will be able to help the Ogres of Ogri’la battle invading forces and engage in new and exciting quests, such as a repeatable and ever popular bombing-run, this time using your own flying mount but with a dangerous twist! Featuring tons of new quests, the Ogri’la faction, 5-person bosses, and rare and epic items, Ogri’la is a place we’re hoping all will aspire to enter.

Source: http://forums.worldofwarcraft....99429&sid=1



- Druiden kriegen ihre Epicflugform. Das ganze wird ne Quest wie beim Hexer und Paladinmount und startet bei nem neuen Boss in den Sethekkhallen.

- Das Astraleumgefängnis wird für Spieler mit "wohlwollendem"/"respektvollem" Ruf neue Quests, Items und Abenteuer bereithalten.

- In Skettis, dem Ort in südöstlich im Wald von Terokkar, wo man nur mit Flugmount hinkommt, wird es wohl eine neue Instanz mit Rares, Epics, Quests und einem nagelneuen Flugmount geben.

- Durch eine lange Questreihe wird es endlich möglich sein sich den Netherdrachen als Flugmount zu holen. Der Drache wird einen Speed von 280% wie jedes andre Flugmount haben. Den gepanzerten Netherdrachen mit 310% Speed werden weiterhin nur die besten 0,5% der Arenateams bekommen, allerdings wird es auch im PvE ein 310% Mount geben, das aber erst noch entdeckt werden muss (also wahrscheinlich droppt das Ding dann im schwarzen Tempel)

- Ogri'la wird ne neue 5 Mann Instanz mit Quests, Rares, Epics und jeder Menge Spaß in Schergrath. Man wird zB wieder Bomben von einem Flugmount werfen können...allerdings diesmal von seinem eigenen.

Ich hoffe ich habs einigermaßen richtig übersetzt.
Denke das könnte lustig werden.
Klingt nach 3 neuen Instanzen mit jeder Menge neuen Herausforderungen und Epixx :D


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