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Vorname: Alex

WoW Name: Morrighan

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18.01.2011, 07:24

Raegwynn killt Lord Marrowgar Solo ( ohne Hilfe)!

Verlieren ist eine Option , Aufgeben aber Niemals.

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Vorname: Tim

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20.01.2011, 13:40

Macht der den alleine?


Hoher Rat

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Vorname: Daniel

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20.01.2011, 16:03

solo = alleine ^^

Nicht schlecht aber war Teils ganz schön knapp... Achja .. natürlich: "Nörf Plx" darf net fehlen hier.
Peak Oil
Peak Soil
Peak Everything



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Vorname: Patrick

WoW Name: Losiane

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30.01.2011, 14:48

Das hier von ihm finde ich kuhler!
Why? Why no Flame Orb? It was an orb and it was made of flame. Why would anyone want to take that away from anyone?
Honestly, if I saw you on my street, and you had a Flame Orb, and it
was just burning the crap out my yard and whatnot, I wouldn't even be
mad. I would just be jealous that you had a Flame Orb.

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