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Vorname: Patrick

WoW Name: Losiane

WoW Klasse: Magier

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29.06.2012, 18:58

Gold farmen leicht gemacht!

Wenn ihr nochmal Probleme mitm Goldfarmen habt :D

Why? Why no Flame Orb? It was an orb and it was made of flame. Why would anyone want to take that away from anyone?
Honestly, if I saw you on my street, and you had a Flame Orb, and it
was just burning the crap out my yard and whatnot, I wouldn't even be
mad. I would just be jealous that you had a Flame Orb.

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Vorname: Yannik

WoW Name: Chiantiara

WoW Klasse: Druide

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30.06.2012, 01:03

Ich mag den Typ :D

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Vorname: Stefan

WoW Name: Provolone

WoW Klasse: Mönch

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30.06.2012, 13:35

wiz my eyez clozed

lass mich! ich kann das! oh.. kaputt...


Hoher Rat

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Vorname: Daniel

WoW Name: Tessy - Blackmoore

WoW Klasse: Paladin

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30.06.2012, 13:51

coole Frise :D
Peak Oil
Peak Soil
Peak Everything

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